The Wisdom Research of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller

Jung's "Seven Sermons to the Dead"

Dr. Hoeller and projected Abraxas image The Gnosis of C.G. Jung: Two decades ago Dr. Hoeller's pioneering books The Gnostic Jung (1982) and Jung and the Lost Gospels (1989) called attention to C.G. Jung's Gnostic spiritual orientation. (Jung's late son, Franz specially thanked Dr. Hoeller for accurately representing his father's position). Now, edited by Dr. Sonu Shamdasami, Jung's famous "Red Book" and other unpublished writings are about to reach the public. Anticipating a revival of interest in Jung's spirituality, Dr. Hoeller presents a series of lectures on Jung's Gnosis, in part based on Jung's "Seven Sermons to the Dead".

The fifth and sixth lectures are a special presentation on the subject of Abraxas, a topic present in Jung's sermons. Abraxas amulets were made available to Dr. Hoeller, and photographic images were presented in a slide show in the first of these two presentations. These images are available for free download as a companion to the audio recording. The last lecture explores the meaning of Abraxas as embraced by the Gnostic Christians of the earliest centuries of the Christian era.

You may either purchase the entire collection on MP3-CD for shipment, or purchase individual lectures offered from this series for immediate download. (Note that the MP3-CD album also includes several "bonus lectures" introducing subjects covered by other albums in our catalog. See the album description for details.)

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