The Wisdom Research of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller

Gnostic Theory and Practice

The Secret Book of John, trans. Stevan Davies Knowledge and Action:  Here is a Gnostic scripture that covers the entire Gnostic myth from beginnings in the Pleroma, through the vicissitudes of Sophia, the demiurgic formation of the Universe and the existential struggle of humanity, to the promise of a glorious liberation!  In the first 5 lectures in this set Dr. Hoeller reviews and comments upon The Secret Book (or "Apocryphon") of John, and introduces a fine new translation, The Secret Book Of John: The Gnostic Gospel by Prof. Stevan Davies.

Lectures 6 - 10 are dedicated to Gnostic Spiritual Practices.  Within the context of this Gnostic world view it is essential that there should be spiritual practices assisting souls in their quest for Gnosis.  The Gnostic Gospel of Philip states:  "The Lord did everything in a mystery:  A Baptism and a Chrism, and a Eucharist and a Redemption and a Bride-Chamber".  Dr. Hoeller discusses these five initiatory mysteries as well as other Gnostic practices and the context of Gnostic mysteries in the past and present.

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